Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Foliage Report – Nov. 18, 2011

As the fall foliage show fades away, the forest takes on a different, but still beautiful, look. Now is the time to notice interesting bark on Virginia’s various hardwood trees, which looks striking against the deep green needles of pines and other evergreens. White oaks and some hickories have pale, shaggy bark that peels away from the trunk in strips. Sycamores show a mosaic of white, tan, and gray. Persimmon and black gum have dark bark divided into blocks. Beech bark is a smooth, even gray. Other trees have bark with furrows, deep ridges, or interlacing patterns. See how many different types of bark you can see on your next walk in the woods!

Here's the latest update on fall color in Virginia. The fall color season is drawing to a close in Virginia. Many areas of the Piedmont, especially the southern Piedmont, still have color, though this area is past peak. The Coastal Plain has significant color and areas will be peaking between now and Thanksgiving.

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