Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Foliage Report – Nov. 4, 2011

Virginia is lucky to have many species of oaks, which produce abundant acorns in the fall, making them a favorite of wildlife. Most oaks hold their green color well into fall, then turn some shade of red, although the colors are not as bright as those of maples. As with all deciduous trees, the leaf color eventually changes to brown as the leaves die. Oak leaves often take on hues of burnished copper or rich honeyed brown that make even the dead leaves attractive.

Here’s the update on fall colors across the state. Significant color change can be seen in the Piedmont. Most tree species are at full color with some species of oaks lagging a little bit. Many areas are approaching peak color. East of Richmond in the Coastal Plain of Virginia, patchy color change can be seen, and fall color can be found on the Peninsula.

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